Huawei HiSuite Latest (2019) Free Download For Windows 7/8/10

A PC suite is an ultimate thing for a mobile device that is going to give you all sorts of support that you need for your mobile phone from the desktop. Same is the case with the Huawei HiSuite. However, the thing is that this PC suite is much more advanced that you can think of also. It is having some of the features that you will never get in a PC suite of even Samsung or Apple. Before checking what you will get from it, know now how to download and install the same.

Huawei HiSuite Latest

How to download and install

  • While going to download, you can see below two buttons – one for windows and the other one for Mac. Choose that download button, whichever your desktop OS is.
  • Then simply follow the wizard and select the right language and the right destination of putting the program files of the software.
  • Now run the program and connect your Android device with the system. You will be able to get through all the things that are there in your device and can manage the files and folders and everything.

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Special features in the Huawei HiSuite

The normal things like the files, folders, audio files, video files, and pictures can be visible over the desktop transparently as you connect with the PC suite and your phone. Other than that, you are going to get access to your contacts, messages, and applications too that are in your phone. This advanced feature is not everything – there are some of the excellent added features too. You are able to create a restore point in your mobile phone and keep that silently and safely in your PC and if you are willing to restore the phone to that earlier configuration, just click on the restore button at the bottom.

Now, this feature is something that you will never find in any other devices and their PC suites. Hence get this and enjoy the most.